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Trying to make the world a little bit more beautiful


White Cyclops Series Complete set pics of this beautiful @greasy_glass white velvet. #glassart #cyclops #headyglass #blacklight #art #dabs#dabbersdaily

1 min read

The active light in this piece makes think of the hidden powers the Cyclops held. These are not Homer's dummies stealing sheep and getting bested by Odysseus.

My cyclops come from the glass shop of Hephasteus where we cut Zuess's lightning bolt.

I feel their pain as an unseen artist. People ignore an artist's strength because of bias toward appearance.

I challenge you to find your inner magic every day.


Orange Cyclops Set

1 min read

Checkout my new website adding more sections to and tons more items to the store every day. 



Number 9 Nicknamed "Purple Reginleif"

1 min read

Number 9 she is made from @glassalchemy one of my favorite there are. glassalchemy 💜


Number Eleven Nicknamed "TougherThanTough"

1 min read

This is a tough color made by @glassalchemy called disco sparkle but when it comes out I love the look it gives.